Our Mission

Our mission at Clin-Assist, LLC is to provide uncompromising commitment to research, and only the highest level of ethical standards and performance.

Clin-Assist, LLC is fully committed to protecting the welfare of study subjects, and always, without compromise, maintaining the highest level of ethical standards.

At our firm, we are dedicated to accelerating drug and medical device clinical development in the safest and most effective way possible for our clients. Our resourceful and experienced team of clinical research consultants possesses a full knowledge of the regulations and requirements necessary to quickly and effectively facilitate medical device evaluation in a clinical and pre-clinical setting.

Clin-Assist, LLC serves as an extension of your team, and through strategic planning and swift implementation, we ensure quicker start-up times, superior quality, and the most efficient delivery at every phase of trial. Above all, our personalized approach results in research solutions that are based on your unique clinical and pre-clinical needs.