Are You or a Loved One Experiencing Memory Problems?

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Current Clinical Study Recruitment

meme 22MAY17We are currently seeking participants for a clinical study for Alzheimer’s Disease and memory loss, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Do You or a Loved One Have Alzheimer’s Disease?


Alzheimer’s Disease, also known as Senile Dementia, is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important functions. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Disease affects 5.5 million Americans, with 200,000 being under the age of 65 (

Current treatments are limited to medications for memory loss and behavioral interventions for personality changes that effect behaviors.

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We are dedicated to simplifying the clinical research process in an effort to streamline activities, which results in reduced timelines and costs and further supports the advancement of product development and benefits the medical community.

We continually strive to understand the needs of our clients and to always meet – if not exceed – their expectations. From the moment we take on a project, we are looking for proactive, responsible solutions to their clinical and pre-clinical trial needs. We believe in simplifying and reducing operations, which in turn allows for a quicker turn around and lower costs.

We take great pride in offering a personalized approach aimed at building a partnership with clients. We do not believe in a “cut and paste” approach, as every project, product, and client need is unique, and each requires an evaluation to ensure that the optimal project-specific approach is taken. Our clinical research partners value our continuous support, dedication, flexibility, and expertise.

We know how quickly medical technology advances, and we understand how complex product development has become. The undertaking of pre-clinical and clinical research and regulatory requirements in-house can result in exorbitant costs and extreme frustration. Our Clin-Assist, LLC management team is prepared to act as your Clinical Affairs department. Our proactive measures help to develop and streamline processes, both accelerating product approval and significantly reducing costs.